Embed our widget on your web page or blog

Display the latest lost and found reports for the Witney area on your website or blog using our simple widget. Just copy and paste this code into the appropriate place in your source code. If you want to customise the widget to match your website theme, check out the control parameters.

Widget control parameters

You can control certain aspects of the widget by setting various parameters in the script URL. They are as follows:

Parameter: Type: Default value: Description:
site Integer 0 The siteID of the area you want to show reports for. The default value of 0 shows all reports from all sites.
count Integer 10 Controls how many reports are displayed. The maximum permitted value is 50.
width Integer   Use this to set the width of the widget to fit the available space. If not set the width will fill the available space. Allow for 12px of padding to be added.
style Boolean true Applies styles to the widget using our default styling. Set to false to have no styles applied so you can apply your own.
title Boolean true Shows the Animal Finders title above the widget contents.
borderColor String f3bf0f Hex colour value for the widget border colour.
titleColor String 000000 Hex colour value for the Animal Finders title above the widget contents.
linkColor String 000000 Hex colour value for the links in the body of the widget.
fLinkColor String 003366 Hex colour value for the Animal Finders link at the foot of the widget.

If there's anything you'd like to see added to so you've got more control over the output of this script, please email us.

Example with all parameters specified

Here's an example of the script with all the parameters specified.

Widget example:

This is an example of our javascript widget that displays up to date lost and found reports from our database.

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