Dog Theft ActionThe advice in this section has kindly been provided to us by Dog Theft Action and tells you how you can take steps to improve the security of your pets.

Here's the Dog Theft Action mission statement:

To promote the protection, security and welfare of dogs from the threat of dog theft by the provision of advice, information and education, leading to a reduction in the incidents of dog theft, thereby avoiding unnecessary suffering and distress to dogs and their owners.

We think that DTA is great, so head on over to their website and see for yourself -, and be sure to read the essential advice below:

Dogs and relationships

When it comes to ownership disputes over the dog - there's no substitute for written declarations, a solid paper-trail and permantent identification of your dog through microchipping, tattooing or both.

Recommended security measures for dog owners

From identification through to walking your dog, this section is full of practical advice for safeguarding your pet.

Recommended security measures for small kennels

Essential information for kennels, sanctuaries and catteries on securing your premises to deter and guard against theft of your animals.

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